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Steel Fabrication & Galvanization Services

we seeks to provide its
best in developing steel solutions.

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Our Mission

Developing and operating steel fabrication & galvanization plants to meet local & regional market expectations.


Hot-Dip Galvanization for products up to 12m long


Design and Fabrication of Low, Medium and High Voltage transmission towers


Design and Farication of Conical, stepped poles, for decorative and urban use


Design and manufacture of communications towers

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Looking to the future, Al-Tawakol for Steel fabrication & Galvanization co. plans to expand its production line and continue innovation in the steel and galvanizing industries

Our Core Values

Core values in any industry are the core beliefs and principles that guide the behavior and decision-making of companies and individuals in that industry, here are some of our core values that are often emphasized

If you are looking for the perfect solution to meet your needs in the field of steel towers our company isthe ideal choice for you.

Getting to the smallest details to get the product out with the best quality manufactured.

Latest News

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The vision of the group to expand will continue by developing its presence in international markets through export and direct investments in African and Middle East countries to take its business success to another remarkable heights.

Cairo monorail

One of the major projects that we have participated in is the Monorail project.
The Cairo Monorail project is expected to have a significant impact on mobility, the economy, and the quality of life for Cairo residents, and is a major investment in the future of Egypt’s transportation infrastructure.

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