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 Hot-Dip Galvanizing Service & Developing Steel  Solutions

We consider the biggest asset of our company is a team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, Through their hard work, passion, dedication, and perceptiveness, continuously drive our company forward.
From middle-sized companies to large corporations, local and foreign, we are extremely proud to be able to serve our customers clients in the design, manufacturing and galvanizing according to their custom needs.


Customer service is embedded in the roots of our culture, Working continuously to enhance the quality of our services using the world’s latest technologies for planning and communication. On behalf of the Executive Board of Al-Tawakol Group, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs and We promise to keep our services to your expectations


The vision of the group to expand will continue by developing its presence in international markets through export and direct investments in African and Middle East countries to take its business success to another remarkable heights.


Take Advantage of Galvanizing Services

AL Tawakol For Galvanizing Co.has a Factory to Provide Hot Galvanizing Service, Which may be the latest in Egypt in terms of technology used in the process of Galvanization, Our company is located in the 10th of Ramadan City – the third industrial zone on an area of 32,000 m┬▓.
The dimensions of the zinc basin are 12.50 m, length x1.50m, width x3.50m depth.
The monthly galvanizing capacity is 6000 tons. We got the equipment and technology from the most famous names in the world of galvanization.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing is one of the Most Economical maintenance-free corrosion protection systems available Like any other manufacturing process. Manufacturers choose galvanized steel,because it guarantees (corrosion protection, durability, availability, versatility, longevity, sustainability, and aesthetics)

Care of the product before galvanizing has a direct impact on the quality of the product after galvanizing. We provide the required technical support in terms of the chemical composition of the raw materials. The galvanizing process is carried out in our factories with high efficiency under a precise system that shows the customer the knowledge of the stages of operation on his products at any time, and the follow-up of the plan, the rejections, the statistics and everything that is done for his product.
Technical support during manufacturing in terms of the perforation required in the product to hang it appropriately.

 Steel Structures

From the Group’s experience in Steel Manufacturing that lasted over 30 years, our new facilities are built to the highest standard and built according to the latest knowledge in layout designs.
Current production facilities are built on an area over 35,000 sqm, and we have extensions in progress to exceed 50,000 sqm in 2024.
Our steel Production plants includes machining with the latest CNC technology for processing of angles, beams, and all different steel shapes.

Our teams are trained to implement the latest Lean Manufacturing elements, working continuously on improving our standardization and decreasing our wastes.
Our newest implemented Project Tracking System allows our clients to track their products within our facilities for their convenience and decreasing the span of information delivered.


Count on us We offer a wide variety of standard lighting poles & high mast

We strive to be the first and highest rated factory among lighting poles and high mast

 factories through: Applying the highest quality standards in manufacturing. The use of the best expertise and trained human

 cadres. The use of the latest technology in the manufacturing Stages (cutting – bending – welding). Applying the foundations, theories and principles of Lean Manufacturing.

This is in order to reach a high quality product at competitive prices to achieve basic customer demands (Favorable Price – High quality – Fixed Supply Period).



We always strive to achieve the goals of our customers, and therefore we manufacture many different shapes of lighting poles, such as:
Conical, round, octagonal and stepped poles with either curved or angle arms. the poles height is from 3M to 14M and with thickness from 3mm to 6mm. Our high poles are hot-

dip galvanized meeting ASTM 123 standards and customer requirements.


Our Steel High Mast Produced From 12M to50M Heights and Much Above. we customize our solutions based on your requirements, respecting international standards and safety accredited design and calculations. it’s polygonal shape designed 12 sides to 20 sides, with continuo us tapered and electrically welded steel.
AL.Tawakol mast is an assembly of 2 to 4 shafts joined by means of pressure overlapping, section per section rendering firm grip and are joined by telescopic slings.


Our High Mast Thickness is From 4mm to 6mm Requirements and Customer Needs.

This is Thanks to Our Caliber and Certified Technical Team Who Designs, Calculates and Performs Wind Pressure Studies to Ensure the Product Safety and Your Peace of Mind.

Telecommunication Towers

Al-Tawakol For Steel Fabrication & Galvanization Co, is one of the most important companies in Egypt that designs and manufactures communication towers. Our company is located on an area of more than 50,000 square meters. We aim to achieve the highest quality requirements in accordance with international standards and industry principles, as well as timely completion of projects to achieve sustainable development.

Al Tawakol provides an efficient solution for structures where heights and loads are essential, to withstand wind speeds of up to 220 km/h. Our communication towers are designed to 

suit different conditions, ensuring perfect functionality, and our factory relies on modern manufacturing technology, as we have the latest CNC machines to process angles and beams.

Our company offers a variety of telecom towers such as:
Roof Top: It is Poles and the length of the tower is from 6 meters to 9 meters, or it is a Step Tower and the length of the tower is from 12 meters to 27 meters.

Green Filed: The heights of these towers range from 25 meters to 130 meters.
Palm Tree: The heights of these towers range from 30 meters to 55 meters.



Voltage Transmission Towers

If you are looking for the perfect solution to meet your needs in the field of power transmission towers our company is the ideal choice for you. We offer you voltage transmission towers of the highest quality and Our products are characterized by their rigidity, durability and strength that make them the ideal choice in the steel.

Our group

The vision of the group to expand will continue by developing its presence in international markets through export and direct investments in African and Middle East countries to take its business success to another remarkable heights.

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