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developing and operation of steel and galvanizing

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There Are Three Factories In Our Company…

A Hot-Dip galvanizing factory is our first factory, with a Galvanization Kettle size of 12.50m long, 1.50m wide, and 3.50m deep and a monthly galvanizing capacity of 6000 tons.

The second factory is a steel fabrication factory, based on modern manufacturing technology, with CNC processing of angles and beams, specializing in designing and manufacturing communication towers, signal towers and voltage transmission towers.

At our third factory, which manufactures street poles, high masts, and palm trees, we have a sheet bending machine with a 14-meter length that can bend up to 12 mm thick sheets.

Our vision

We strive to be the Best Steel Fabricator in the regionWith Adding Values to our Customers, Employees and Shareholders.


Developing and Operating Steel Fabrication & Galvanization Plants to Meet Local & Regional Market Expectations.


Altawakol for Steel Fabrication & Galvanization is committed to providing high quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of customers, and protect the environment through:

• Commitment to implementing laws and legislation related to the environment, including climate changes, and quality standards.

• Publication of this policy, setting goals to prevent and control environmental pollution, reduce operational risks, and improve quality.

• Training, empowering and motivating employees to perform their work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, to provide high quality products and services.

• Continuous improvement, by monitoring, measuring, and reviewing the performance of the quality management system.

• Periodic review of this policy, to ensure its relevance to the company’s business and activities.

Complying to standardization requirements our company is applying all ISO 9001 processes to ensure the quality delivered to our clients and the ease of communication and tracking for all our products and services.

Recent Works

Looking to the future, Al-Tawakol for Steel fabrication & Galvanization co. plans to expand its production line and continue innovation in the steel and galvanizing industries

Our group

The vision of the group to expand will continue by developing its presence in international markets through export and direct investments in African and Middle East countries to take its business success to another remarkable heights.

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